Classroom Education for the 21st Century

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The Science of Teaching Science

Classroom Instruction that Works

Discover the nine most effective techniques to use in your classroom which have hard evidence to

show that they will improve your students’ learning. This is the work of MidContinent Research in

Education and Learning (McREL) from Denver, Colorado, presented to you by the International

Space Education Board.

Coding: The Skill for the 21st Century.

Learn how your students can use simple, free software to learn computer programming, even at

primary school. You will take control of Sphero and BB8 robots using the Scratch language and the

Tickle app.

Reaching out to the Science Classroom

Let us teach you to teach powerful, deep concepts to your students using simple, cheap materials.

Let your students find out Why the Sky is Blue, what Hot Wheels Cars and sandpaper have to do

with Newton’s Laws of Motion, and three completely new ideas about the States of Matter.

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