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Fecha: 2020-01-08


The IAF World Space Award is presented for an outstanding contribution or contributions in space science, space technology, space medicine, space law or space management of exceptional impact to the world’s progress in astronautics.

This award is given only when nominations of world-class outstanding merit are received and no more than one per year.

The award shall be preferably granted to a single person. Exceptionally, it may be granted to two or more persons if their contributions are equal or contributions made were the result of their joint efforts.

Any IAF member organisations in good standing , IAF officers and Chairs of IAF Committees may nominate candidates for the IAF World Space Award.

Every year during the IAF Spring Meetings in March, the IAF Honours and Awards Committee reviews the nominations received for the IAF World Space Award and makes a recommendation for the recipient to the IAF Bureau. If no suitable candidate is found, this award will not be given.

The award consists of a medal and the recipient is also included into a special section of the IAF Hall of Fame. His registration fees of the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) are waived for the year of induction.

The IAF World Space Award recipient is inducted during the opening ceremony of the International Astronautical Congress. He/she will give a Highlight Lecture during the International Astronautical Congress. The IAF World Space Award recipient is invited to participate in the Gala Dinner of the IAC as a special guest of the IAF President.

For further information about this programme, please contact the IAF Secretariat at award [at] iafastro.org






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